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patent leather leather that has a hard, shiny finish.
paternal having to do with or typical of a father. [2 definitions]
path a track beaten by the feet of people or animals. [3 definitions]
pathetic causing feelings of pity or sorrow.
patience the ability to calmly put up with pain or trouble without getting upset or angry. [2 definitions]
patient a person or animal that is getting medical treatment. [3 definitions]
patio a paved area next to a house that is used for dining or relaxing outdoors.
pat (someone) on the back (informal) to show praise or thanks by words or actions.
patriarch a man who is the leader of a family or tribe. [2 definitions]
patriot one who loves, supports, and defends his or her country.
patriotic feeling or showing love for and loyalty to one's country.
patriotism love for and loyalty to one's country.
patrol to guard by making regular trips along or through. [3 definitions]
patron a regular customer of a shop, restaurant, or some other business. [2 definitions]
patronize to shop at or use the services of regularly. [2 definitions]
pattern an arrangement of shapes, lines, letters, numbers, or colors that can be repeated or used again and again. [4 definitions]
patty a small, flat, round cake of ground meat or other food. [2 definitions]
pauper a very poor person who must live on public money.
pause a short stop. [2 definitions]
pave to cover with concrete, asphalt, stones, or some other material to make a hard flat surface.
pavement a hard surface for a road, driveway, or sidewalk. [2 definitions]