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pawn1 to leave with a lender of money to get a loan. In order to get the item back, the loan must be paid back.
pawn2 one of the eight pieces in the game of chess. The pawn has the lowest value and is placed in the front rank at the beginning of a game. [2 definitions]
pay to give money to. [9 definitions]
pay back to return what is owed or borrowed; repay.
payment the act or an instance of giving money in return for something. [2 definitions]
pay off to finish payments on.
payroll a list of those who are to be paid by an employer and the amount of money due to each. [2 definitions]
Pb symbol of the chemical element lead.
P.E.1 an abbreviation for physical education.
pe the name of the seventeenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
pea a small, round, green seed grown in a pod on a climbing plant. Peas are eaten as a vegetable. [2 definitions]
peace a state of freedom from war or conflict. [3 definitions]
peaceful quiet; calm. [2 definitions]
peace pipe a long pipe smoked by some Native American peoples as a sign of peace or friendship.
peach a fruit that has yellow or reddish skin covered with a soft fuzz. It has sweet, juicy flesh and a large, rough pit. [3 definitions]
peacock a male peafowl. It has a long, colorful tail, which it can raise and spread like a fan. [2 definitions]
peafowl a large Asian pheasant. The males have long colorful tails, which they can raise and spread like a fan.
peak the top part of a mountain that rises to a point, or such a mountain itself. [3 definitions]
peal a loud ringing of bells of different tones. [3 definitions]
peanut a seed like a nut that grows in a dry pod under the ground. Peanuts can be prepared and eaten in many ways.
peanut butter a paste made by grinding roasted peanuts. It is used in cooking or as a spread on sandwiches or crackers.