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pendulum a weight hung on a long cord, wire, or lever so that it swings back and forth. Pendulums are used to control the movements of some clocks.
penetrate to pierce or go into or through. [2 definitions]
penguin a large water bird with webbed feet that lives in colder regions of the Southern Hemisphere. Penguins do not fly, but use their wings like flippers for swimming.
penicillin a kind of mold that is used to make medicines. Penicillin kills some kinds of bacteria that cause diseases.
peninsula a piece of land surrounded on nearly all sides by water. It is connected to a larger body of land by a usually narrow strip of land.
penis the male sex organ through which sperm is transferred to a female. The penis is also used to dispose of urine.
penitentiary a prison for people who have been found guilty of serious crimes.
penknife a small folding knife.
penmanship the art, skill, or manner of handwriting.
pen name a name used by authors in place of their real names.
pennant a long flag shaped like a triangle. Pennants are used on ships for signaling or as a sign for a school, team, or some other group.
penniless having no money at all; very poor.
Pennsylvania a state in the eastern United States. Its capital is Harrisburg. (abbreviated: PA)
penny a coin of the United States and Canada equal to one cent. [2 definitions]
pension money paid at regular times by a former employer to a person who has retired, or by the government to a person who is not able to work.
pentagon a flat closed figure with five straight sides. [2 definitions]
penthouse an apartment or house built on the top floor or roof of a tall building.
peony a garden plant with large pink, red, or white flowers. [2 definitions]
people human beings; persons. [5 definitions]
pep (informal) lively energy or spirit. [2 definitions]
pepper a spice that comes from the dried berries of tropical vines in southeast Asia. [4 definitions]