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perennial lasting throughout the year or for many years. [4 definitions]
perfect free from mistakes or faults. [4 definitions]
perfection the state or condition of being without a fault or mistake.
perfectly in a manner that is without a fault or mistake. [2 definitions]
perforate to make a hole in. [2 definitions]
perform to carry out; do. [3 definitions]
performance the act of performing . [3 definitions]
performer a person who sings, acts, or does some form of entertainment for an audience; one who performs.
perfume a liquid, made from flowers, herbs, or other substances that has a pleasant smell. Perfume is put on the body. [3 definitions]
perhaps maybe; possibly.
peril the condition of being in danger or at risk. [2 definitions]
perimeter the boundary or border of a figure or area. [2 definitions]
period a section of time with a set beginning and end. [4 definitions]
periodic happening or appearing at regular times.
periodical a magazine that is printed every week, month, or at some other regular time.
periscope an instrument on a submarine that is made up of a long tube with mirrors and prisms that allow one to see ships and other things above the surface of the water.
perish to die or be destroyed by violence or in some other way that is not natural.
perishable likely to spoil or rot in a short time.
perjury the crime of telling a lie in a court after promising under oath to tell the truth.
permanent lasting or meant to last for a very long time; everlasting. [2 definitions]
permission the act of permitting. [2 definitions]