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Persia an ancient empire in southwestern Asia, centered in what is now Iran; Persian Empire. [2 definitions]
Persian of or having to do with the country of Iran, or its people or language. [4 definitions]
Persian Gulf a part of the Arabian Sea. It lies between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.
persimmon a sweet, juicy, orange or yellow fruit whose skin and pulp is like that of a plum.
persist to continue in a firm, steady way without stopping or lessening. [2 definitions]
persistence the act of continuing steadily in a course of action. [2 definitions]
persistent continuing, lasting, or holding on in a firm, steady way. [2 definitions]
person a human being. [3 definitions]
personal of, relating to, or belonging to a particular person. [3 definitions]
personal computer a small computer used by one person or a few people; microcomputer.
personality all of the qualities of a person that make that person different from others. [2 definitions]
personally in person; without the aid of others. [4 definitions]
personnel all of the people who work for a business or other organization.
perspective a way of showing objects on the flat surface of a picture so that they seem the correct size and distance from one another. [3 definitions]
perspiration the act or process of giving off moisture through the pores of the skin; sweating. Perspiration is the body's way of cooling off when it gets too hot. [2 definitions]
perspire to give off moisture through the pores of the skin; sweat.
persuade to cause to do something by using reason or argument. [2 definitions]
persuasion the act of convincing someone to believe something or do something. [2 definitions]
pertain to relate to or have to do with something. [2 definitions]
pertinent having to do with or connected to a subject; relevant.
Peru a country in western South America. Lima is the capital of Peru.