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philosopher one who studies the nature of life, truth, knowledge, and other important human matters.
philosophy the study of the nature of life, truth, knowledge, and other important human matters, [2 definitions]
phlox a North American plant that bears groups of white, purple, or red flowers. [2 definitions]
phobia a very strong fear or dislike of something that is far beyond ordinary fear or dislike.
Phoenix the capital of Arizona.
phoenix (sometimes cap.) a beautiful bird in Egyptian mythology that lives for five hundred years, then sets itself on fire and rises alive again from the ashes. The phoenix is a symbol of immortality.
-phone a suffix that means "sound." [2 definitions]
phone1 a short form for "telephone." [2 definitions]
phonetic relating to the method of representing speech sounds by symbols. [2 definitions]
phonograph a machine that reproduces sound that has been recorded in the grooves of a disk; record player.
phosphorus a substance that is a chemical element. One of the common forms of phosphorus is a poisonous yellow solid that glows in moist air. Phosphorus is important to living things. It is used in fertilizers to help plants grow. (symbol: P)
photo (informal) a short form for "photograph."
photo- a prefix that means "light."
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image on a surface that is sensitive to light. [2 definitions]
photographer a person whose job is to take photographs.
photography the art or practice of taking and making photographs.
photosynthesis the process by which a green plant uses sunlight to change water and carbon dioxide into food for itself.
phrase a part of a sentence that has meaning and grammatical order but does not have both a subject and a verb. "Wants to see" and "the horror movie" are both phrases in the sentence "Bert wants to see the horror movie again." [4 definitions]
physical of the body. [3 definitions]
physical education instruction in sports, exercise, and the care of the human body. Physical education is taught in a school.
physically in, with, or by means of the body.