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pinch to press hard between two surfaces, such as the finger and thumb. [7 definitions]
pincushion a small padded cushion used to store pins and needles that are stuck into it.
pine1 an evergreen tree with cones and leaves shaped like needles. [2 definitions]
pineapple a large, juicy fruit, shaped like an egg, with sweet yellow flesh. The pineapple grows on a tropical plant. [2 definitions]
Ping-Pong the trademark name for the game of table tennis.
pink1 the color that comes from mixing white and red. [4 definitions]
pinkeye a condition of the inner part of the eyelids that causes red, sore eyes. Pinkeye is easily passed from one person to another.
pinkie (informal) the finger farthest from the thumb; little finger.
pinniped a mammal with front and back limbs that look like fins. Pinnipeds have a round head and a round body that gets thinner towards the end. They spend much of their life in the ocean, but raise their young on land. Walruses, sea lions, and seals are kinds of pinnipeds.
pinpoint a point on a map, a spot of ink, or something else that is very small. [2 definitions]
pint a unit of measure equal to sixteen fluid ounces or one half quart. (abbreviated: pt.)
pinto a horse or pony with spots of two or more colors.
pinwheel a plastic or paper toy, similar to a windmill, that is pinned to a stick and has a wheel that is spun by the wind or someone's breath.
pioneer someone who is one of the first in a culture to explore or live in a place. [3 definitions]
pious showing love for a god or gods in thought and action; religious. [2 definitions]
pipe1 a tube of metal, plastic, or other material, through which a gas or liquid may flow. [6 definitions]
pipeline a long line of pipes for moving gas or oil from where it is produced to where it is used or sold.
piracy robbery or attack at sea. [2 definitions]
piranha a small fish that lives in fresh water in South America. Piranhas, in groups, often attack and eat much larger animals.
pirate someone who attacks or robs ships at sea. [3 definitions]
Pisces a constellation located between Aquarius and Aries. Pisces is also called the Fish. [3 definitions]