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pixy a fairy or elf who is playful or full of mischief.
pizza an Italian food made of a flat crust covered with tomato sauce, cheese, and often meat or vegetables and then baked.
pl. an abbreviation for plural.
place a certain area of space that is taken up by something. [12 definitions]
placement the act of placing or state of being placed; location.
placid calm, smooth, or peaceful.
plague a deadly disease, sudden invasion of harmful insects, or any terrible thing that harms many people. [4 definitions]
plaid a cloth with a pattern of stripes of different widths and colors, crossing at right angles. [3 definitions]
plain easily seen or heard; clear; visible. [6 definitions]
plan an action one intends to take; aim. [4 definitions]
plane1 a flat or level surface. [4 definitions]
plane2 a hand tool with a blade, used to make the surface of wood smooth or even. [2 definitions]
planet a large body in outer space that circles around the sun or another star. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all planets in our solar system.
planetarium a device that projects images of the sun, moon, stars, and planets on a ceiling that is shaped like a dome. [2 definitions]
plank a length of wood thicker than a board.
plankton a mixture of very small plants and animals floating in fresh or salt water. Most kinds of plankton are microscopic. Plankton is an important food source for many animals that live in water.
planner a person who plans, especially a person who plans things such as towns and cities. [2 definitions]
planning the act of figuring out how to do something ahead of time.
plant one of a large group of living things that use sunlight to make their own food. Most plants have leaves, stems, roots and either flowers or cones. Plants use a green pigment called chlorophyll to absorb energy from sunlight. Grasses, trees, vines, vegetables, cactuses, ferns and mosses are plants. [5 definitions]
plantain1 a fruit similar to the banana, but larger, firmer, and less sweet. Plantains have a lot of starch and are eaten as a cooked vegetable.
plantation a large farm or estate used for growing rubber, cotton, or other crops to sell.