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plural having to do with or naming the form of a word that signals more than one. [2 definitions]
plus added to; made greater by adding. [5 definitions]
plush a type of cloth having long, soft, thick fibers. [3 definitions]
plus sign a mathematical sign (+) indicating addition or a positive quantity.
Pluto the god of wealth and of the underworld in Greek mythology. [2 definitions]
plutonium a radioactive chemical element. Plutonium is used to produce nuclear energy. (symbol: Pu)
plywood a strong board made from thin layers of wood pressed and glued together.
p.m. the time between noon and midnight. P.M. is the abbreviation for post meridiem, meaning "after noon" in Latin. [2 definitions]
pneumonia a serious disease in which the lungs become swollen and painful and fill with liquid. Pneumonia is caused by viruses or bacteria.
P.O.1 an abbreviation for post office.
poach1 to hunt, fish, or trap illegally or on another's land. [2 definitions]
poach2 to cook by boiling or simmering in water or other liquid.
pocket a small piece of material, open at the top and sewn onto clothing. A pocket forms a bag for keeping small objects. [5 definitions]
pocketbook a small handbag used to carry money and personal things; purse.
pocketknife a small knife with a blade or blades that fold into the handle.
pod1 a long, thin, firm pouch that contains the seeds of a pea or bean plant.
poem a piece of writing, often with words that rhyme and have a particular rhythm. Poems usually have imaginative language that expresses strong feeling.
poet a person who writes poetry.
poetic like poetry in style or character. [2 definitions]
poetry poems as a group. [2 definitions]
poinsettia a plant native to Mexico and Central America that has small yellow flowers surrounded by large red, white, or pink leaves that look like flower petals.