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pony a kind of small horse.
pony express a system of delivering the mail using riders on horseback. The pony express ran between St. Louis, Missouri and Sacramento, California during 1860 and 1861.
ponytail a hair style in which all the hair is drawn up and tied at the back so that the ends hang free.
poodle a breed of dog. Poodles range in size from very small to large and have thick, curly hair that can be cut in a fancy way.
pool1 any small area of liquid that has collected on a surface; puddle; pond. [4 definitions]
poor without money, possessions, or other basic needs. [5 definitions]
pop1 to make a short, sharp sound. [9 definitions]
pop2 (informal) relating to or performing popular music. The word "pop" is a short form of popular.
pop3 (informal) father.
popcorn a kind of corn whose kernels pop open into puffs when heated. [2 definitions]
pope (often capitalized) the head of the Roman Catholic Church.
poplar a tall tree that grows rapidly and has wide leaves. Aspen and cottonwood are members of the poplar family. [2 definitions]
popover a light, puffed, hollow muffin made with flour, eggs, and milk.
poppy a plant with brightly colored flowers that is grown in mild climates.
pop the question (informal) to ask to marry.
popular liked or enjoyed by many people. [2 definitions]
popularity the condition of being liked or approved of by many people.
populate to live in; inhabit. [2 definitions]
populated being inhabited by people.
population the people who live in an area, considered as a group. [2 definitions]
populous having a large population.