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pork meat from a pig or hog.
porous having many pores.
porpoise a mammal that lives in the ocean. Porpoises look like large fish, but they breathe air. Some kinds of porpoises have a triangular fin on their back. Porpoises are closely related to dolphins and other whales with teeth. Porpoises have a round head with a blunt snout. [2 definitions]
porridge a food made of cereal grains such as oatmeal that are boiled in water or milk.
port1 a place where ships load and unload, and its nearby town or city. [2 definitions]
port2 the left side of a ship or airplane when facing forward.
portable able to be carried or easily moved.
porter1 a person whose job is to carry baggage at a train station, airport, or hotel. [2 definitions]
porthole a small opening or window in the side of a ship or airplane.
portico a covered walk or porch with a roof that is held up by columns.
portion a part of a whole. [3 definitions]
portrait a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture of a person. [2 definitions]
portray to make a picture of in images or words. [2 definitions]
Portugal a country in southwestern Europe. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.
Portuguese of or having to do with Portugal, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
Portuguese man-of-war a kind of jellyfish that lives in warm oceans. Each man-of-war is a colony or group of animals that live together. The colony has many long stinging tentacles that can hurt people or other animals.
pose1 to take or hold a position, as for a painting or photograph. [5 definitions]
Poseidon the god of the sea in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Poseidon is called Neptune.
position the location of a person or thing. [7 definitions]
positive certain; sure. [7 definitions]
posse a group of people gathered by a sheriff to help pursue and bring in a criminal.