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posse a group of people gathered by a sheriff to help pursue and bring in a criminal.
possess to own or have. [3 definitions]
possession the act or condition of having or owning something. [3 definitions]
possessive having a strong desire to own and keep things. [3 definitions]
possessor one who has or owns something.
possibility the fact or state of being possible. [2 definitions]
possible capable of being, happening, being done, or being used. [2 definitions]
possibly maybe; perhaps. [2 definitions]
possum a short form of "opossum."
post1 a pole or stake placed upright in the ground to mark or support something. [3 definitions]
post2 a job or duty to which a person is assigned. [4 definitions]
post3 the system for delivering mail, or a mail delivery.
post- a prefix that means "after" or "later than."
postage the amount of money charged for sending a letter or package by mail.
postage stamp a small, printed label that is put on a piece of mail to show that the postage has been paid. Postage stamps often have pictures on them.
postal having to do with the mail service.
postbox a British word for a public box in which people place letters to be sent by mail. "Postbox" has the same meaning as "mailbox."
postcard a small card that can be mailed without an envelope. Postcards often have a picture on one side and space for a message, address, and stamp on the other.
poster a sign made of paper or cardboard that is used for advertising, displaying information, or for decoration.
postman a person who delivers mail.
postmark a mark stamped on mail by the post office. A postmark cancels the stamp on a piece of mail and shows the date and place of mailing. [2 definitions]