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postbox a British word for a public box in which people place letters to be sent by mail. "Postbox" has the same meaning as "mailbox."
postcard a small card that can be mailed without an envelope. Postcards often have a picture on one side and space for a message, address, and stamp on the other.
poster a sign made of paper or cardboard that is used for advertising, displaying information, or for decoration.
postman a person who delivers mail.
postmark a mark stamped on mail by the post office. A postmark cancels the stamp on a piece of mail and shows the date and place of mailing. [2 definitions]
postmaster the person in charge of a post office.
post office a department or branch of a government responsible for handling mail. [2 definitions]
postpone to put off until later.
postscript a note or message added at the end of a letter following the writer's signature.
posture the general position of or manner of holding the body.
postwar having to do with the period of time after a war.
pot1 a deep round container made of metal, glass, or clay, used for cooking food. [4 definitions]
potassium a soft, silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Potassium is used in making fertilizer, soap, glass, and explosives. It occurs in nature only in compounds with other elements. (symbol: K)
potato a kind of thick, underground plant stem that is eaten as a vegetable. Potatoes have pale flesh and thin skin that is usually brown, yellow, or red.
potato chip a very thin slice of potato that is fried until it is crisp.
potential able to come into being; possible. [2 definitions]
potentially possibly.
potholder a pad or mitten made of thick material used to handle cooking and baking utensils when they are too hot to touch.
potion a mixture for drinking that is supposed to have special powers. A potion may heal, do magic, or be a poison.
Potomac a river of the eastern United States. It flows from West Virginia along the border of Washington, D.C., and into the Atlantic Ocean.
pottage a thick soup of vegetables, often with meat.