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Potomac a river of the eastern United States. It flows from West Virginia along the border of Washington, D.C., and into the Atlantic Ocean.
pottage a thick soup of vegetables, often with meat.
potter a person who makes pottery.
pottery plates, bowls, pots, and other items made of clay.
pouch a sturdy bag or sack of any size that is used to carry things. [2 definitions]
poultry chickens, turkeys, and other birds that are raised for their meat and eggs.
pounce to jump or swoop down in order to grab or take something. [2 definitions]
pound1 to strike over and over with heavy blows. [4 definitions]
pound2 a unit of weight equal to 16 ounces or 453.592 grams. (abbreviated: lb.) [2 definitions]
pound3 a shelter for keeping stray animals.
pour to cause to flow in a steady stream. [2 definitions]
pout1 to show unhappy feelings with an expression of the face. When children pout, they often push out their lips.
poverty the condition of being poor; a lack of money.
POW a person who has been taken prisoner by the enemy during a war. "POW" is an abbreviation of "prisoner of war."
pow a word used to suggest the loud sound of a shot, blow, or explosion. [2 definitions]
powder a mass of fine, loose grains that are made when a solid material has been ground or crushed. [5 definitions]
powdered sugar sugar that has been ground very fine so that it has become a white powder. Powdered sugar is often used in icing for decorating cakes and other sweet baked things.
power the ability to act, cause, or function. [7 definitions]
powerful having or able to use power or force.
power point the British word for the point in an electrical system where the cord is plugged into the current. "Power point" has the same meaning as "outlet."
pp. abbreviation of "pages."