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powerful having or able to use power or force.
power point the British word for the point in an electrical system where the cord is plugged into the current. Power point has the same meaning as outlet.
pp. an abbreviation for pages.
PR1 an abbreviation for Puerto Rico.
practical having to do with real life and experience rather than theory. [3 definitions]
practical joke a trick or prank played on someone.
practically almost; nearly.
practice the doing of some activity many times to become skilled at it. [7 definitions]
Prague the capital city of the Czech Republic.
prairie a large area of fertile land covered with grass.
prairie dog a small rodent with light brown fur. Prairie dogs make burrows and live in large colonies called "towns." Several kinds of prairie dogs live in Mexico and the United States. Prairie dogs are not related to true dogs, but have a cry that sounds like a dog's bark.
prairie schooner a large covered wagon used by American pioneers to cross the prairies.
praise words that show admiration or respect. [3 definitions]
prance to raise the front legs and spring forward with the rear legs. [2 definitions]
prank a teasing trick; stunt.
pray to ask for something in a serious or sincere manner. [2 definitions]
prayer1 the act of asking God or another spiritual being to use his or her power. [3 definitions]
praying mantis a long, slender insect that eats other insects and can turn its head from side to side. A praying mantis has a large, bright green body and holds its strong front legs up in a way that looks like hands folded in prayer.
pre- a prefix that means "before." [2 definitions]
preach to give advice to the public; tell or encourage others to accept. [2 definitions]
preacher a person who gives talks on religion, such as a minister or priest.