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precinct an area in a town or city that forms a separate district for voting or that is looked after by one police unit.
precious of great worth or value. [2 definitions]
precipitate to make something happen suddenly or earlier than might be expected. [2 definitions]
precipitation the act of water falling in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. [2 definitions]
precise clearly said or communicated. [2 definitions]
precisely with total accuracy; exactly.
precision the state of being accurate or exact. [2 definitions]
precocious having the skills or knowledge of a much older person.
predator an animal that hunts other animals for food.
predecessor a person who holds a position or job before another person.
predicament a difficult or dangerous situation with a solution that may be hard to find.
predicate the part of a sentence that tells what the subject does, or what is done to the subject. It is made of the verb and all the words that describe the verb or that the verb affects.
predict to tell in advance that something will happen.
prediction the act of telling or trying to tell what will happen in the future. [2 definitions]
preface an introduction to a book or other written material that gives information about the author or work. [3 definitions]
prefer to choose above all others as the best liked or most wanted.
preference a person or thing that is liked better. [3 definitions]
prefix a word part with its own meaning that is added to the beginning of a word to make a new word that has a different meaning. "Re-" in "reform" is a prefix.
pregnant having one or more young growing within the body of a woman or other female mammal.
prehistoric belonging to a period in a time before written history.
prejudice an opinion that is formed without knowing or considering all the facts. [3 definitions]