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preface an introduction to a book or other written material that gives information about the author or work. [3 definitions]
prefer to choose above all others as the best liked or most wanted.
preference a person or thing that is liked better. [3 definitions]
prefix a word part with its own meaning that is added to the beginning of a word to make a new word that has a different meaning. "Re-" in "reform" is a prefix.
pregnant having one or more young growing within the body of a woman or other female mammal.
prehistoric belonging to a period in a time before written history.
prejudice an opinion that is formed without knowing or considering all the facts. [3 definitions]
preliminary coming before, so as to prepare for something else.
premature done, happening, or born before the expected time; too soon.
premier the prime minister of a government. [2 definitions]
premise a statement that forms the basis of an argument and that is usually accepted. [2 definitions]
preoccupied totally absorbed in thought.
preparation the act of getting something ready. [3 definitions]
prepare to make ready. [3 definitions]
prepared ready, fit, or equipped for something. [2 definitions]
preposition a word that shows a connection or relation between a noun or pronoun and some other word. In the sentence, "We went to the market and talked about the weather," "to" and "about" are prepositions.
preschool a school for children who are under the age for kindergarten. In the U.S. and Canada, children usually start kindergarten around five years old.
prescribe to order or suggest as a medicine.
prescription an order written by a doctor for medicine to treat a patient. [2 definitions]
presence the state or condition of being in a place at a certain time. [2 definitions]
present1 existing at this time; current. [4 definitions]