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preschool a school for children who are under the age for kindergarten. In the U.S. and Canada, children usually start kindergarten around five years old.
prescribe to order or suggest as a medicine.
prescription an order written by a doctor for medicine to treat a patient. [2 definitions]
presence the state or condition of being in a place at a certain time. [2 definitions]
present1 existing at this time; current. [4 definitions]
present2 to give or provide with a gift or award. [5 definitions]
presentation the act of presenting.
presently in a little while; very soon. [2 definitions]
present participle a form of a verb ending in "-ing" that either shows action going on, that an action is taking place, or that action will happen in the future.
present tense a form of a verb that shows that something is happening now or that a condition exists in the present time. In the sentence, "The sky is blue," "is" is in the present tense.
preservation protection from loss or damage; the act of preserving.
preservative a substance used to keep foods from going bad or spoiling.
preserve to protect from being hurt or harmed. [5 definitions]
preside to act as the one in charge.
presidency the office, length of service, and jobs of a president.
president an officer elected to lead a group or organization. [2 definitions]
president-elect a person who has been elected president but has not yet taken office.
presidential of or relating to the person or office of a president.
press1 to bear down on. [10 definitions]
pressure a steady force upon a surface. [3 definitions]
prestige importance in the eyes of other people because of doing great things, being in high position, or having wealth.