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preservation protection from loss or damage; the act of preserving.
preservative a substance used to keep foods from going bad or spoiling.
preserve to protect from being hurt or harmed. [5 definitions]
preside to act as the one in charge.
presidency the office, length of service, and jobs of a president.
president an officer elected to lead a group or organization. [2 definitions]
president-elect a person who has been elected president but has not yet taken office.
presidential of or relating to the person or office of a president.
press1 to bear down on. [10 definitions]
pressure a steady force upon a surface. [3 definitions]
prestige importance in the eyes of other people because of doing great things, being in high position, or having wealth.
presto quickly or suddenly. [2 definitions]
presume to take for granted; assume. [2 definitions]
pretend to claim or act in a false way in order to trick. [2 definitions]
pretty pleasing or attractive to the eyes or ears. [3 definitions]
pretzel a thin, crisp food that is like a cracker. A pretzel is shaped into a knot or stick, and then baked and salted.
prevent to keep or stop from happening.
prevention the act or process of preventing.
preventive made to get in the way of or to block something. [3 definitions]
preview a showing of a film, play, or work of art for a chosen audience before the public sees it. [2 definitions]
previous coming just before another. [2 definitions]