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pretty pleasing or attractive to the eyes or ears. [3 definitions]
pretzel a thin, crisp food that is like a cracker. A pretzel is shaped into a knot or stick, and then baked and salted.
prevent to keep or stop from happening.
prevention the act or process of preventing.
preventive made to get in the way of or to block something. [3 definitions]
preview a showing of a film, play, or work of art for a chosen audience before the public sees it. [2 definitions]
previous coming just before another. [2 definitions]
previously just before another. [2 definitions]
prey an animal that is hunted or caught for food, usually by another animal. Certain plants catch prey as well. [6 definitions]
price the sum of money needed to buy an item or service. [5 definitions]
priceless having a worth greater than any price or amount of money.
prick a small mark or hole made by something with a sharp or pointed end. [2 definitions]
prickly full of small, sharp points. [2 definitions]
prickly pear a cactus that is known for its bright flowers. Some kinds of prickly pear bear a fruit that can be eaten.
pride an inborn feeling of self-worth. [4 definitions]
pride and joy something or someone highly valued or loved.
priest a person who is authorized by a church to lead prayers and religious services.
prim correct and proper beyond what is needed.
primarily mainly; mostly; chiefly.
primary main; chief. [3 definitions]
primary color any one of the three basic colors of the spectrum from which all other colors can be made by blending. In paint, they are red, yellow, and blue.