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primitive having to do with an early stage or a condition that is not developed. [3 definitions]
primrose a plant that grows tube-shaped flowers in many colors. Primroses have large leaves at the base of the flower stalk.
prince a high-ranking male member of a royal family, especially a son of a king or queen.
Prince Edward Island a province of Canada on an island off the eastern coast. Its capital is Charlottetown.
princess a daughter or other close female member of the family of a king or queen. [2 definitions]
principal greatest or first in importance. [3 definitions]
principal's office the office of the head of a school, where decisions concerning the school are made and where discipline is sometimes carried out or decided on. The principal's office is also a place where students can wait during school hours for someone to pick them up if they need to go home for some reason.
principle a basic law or truth on which action or behavior is based. [3 definitions]
print to copy by transferring ink to a surface using mechanical pressure. [8 definitions]
printer a person whose job or trade is printing. [2 definitions]
printing the business or art of making printed materials. [2 definitions]
printing press a machine for printing letters or pictures on paper or other material with ink.
print-out a printed paper copy from a computer.
print out to produce a copy on paper, by means of a computer printer.
prior1 happening earlier in time or sequence.
prism a solid glass or crystal object that light can pass through. It has three sides that are rectangles and two ends shaped like triangles. A prism splits a ray of light into the colors of the rainbow. [2 definitions]
prison a building for holding and punishing people who have broken the law.
prisoner a person who is held in a jail or prison while on trial or after being sentenced for a crime. [2 definitions]
privacy the condition of being alone or away from the view of other people.
private personal and not to be shared. [6 definitions]
privilege a right or benefit that is given only to a certain person, group, or social class.