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pro1 a reason in favor of something.
pro2 (informal) a short form of professional, or someone as skilled as a professional.
pro-1 a prefix that means "forward." [2 definitions]
probability the condition or fact that something might happen. [3 definitions]
probable likely to happen or be true.
probably quite likely; almost certainly.
probation a period of time for testing a person's ability, character, or behavior.
probe to look deeply into. [4 definitions]
problem a question or condition that is difficult to understand or to deal with. [3 definitions]
procedure a series of steps that must be taken in order to do something.
proceed to move forward after a stop. [2 definitions]
proceeds the amount of money raised from a sale or other activity.
process a series of actions used to produce something or reach a goal. [3 definitions]
procession the act of moving forward in a formal, orderly way. [2 definitions]
proclaim to say or state for the public to know.
proclamation the act of announcing to the public, or something that is said for the public to hear.
procrastinate to put off doing something; delay.
prod to poke with, or as though with, a pointed rod or instrument. [3 definitions]
produce to bring into being. [5 definitions]
producer a person or company that makes something.
product something made by means of either human work or that of a machine. [3 definitions]