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program a plan of what will be done; schedule. [7 definitions]
programmer a person who writes programs for a computer.
progress forward movement toward an end. [4 definitions]
progressive moving steadily forward. [4 definitions]
prohibit to not allow by law. [3 definitions]
project any activity that takes great effort or planning. [6 definitions]
projectile any object that is thrown, fired, or shot by an outside force or weapon.
projection the act of pushing or throwing outward. [5 definitions]
projector a machine for projecting an image onto a screen by casting a beam of light through photographic film.
prolong to add length to or make last longer.
promenade a leisurely walk, especially in a public place. [2 definitions]
prominent easy to see or notice because of some difference. [3 definitions]
promise a statement that something absolutely will happen or be done. [5 definitions]
promising seeming likely to succeed or turn out well in the future.
promontory a high cliff that sticks out into a large body of water or that rises above an area of lower land.
promote to support the growth of or help move forward. [3 definitions]
promotion a raise to a higher grade or position. [3 definitions]
prompt done immediately and without pause. [4 definitions]
prone having the habit of; being likely to. [3 definitions]
prong a thin, sharply pointed part of a tool. [3 definitions]
pronoun a word that can take the place of a noun or noun phrase. In the sentence, "He gave it to someone," "he," "it," and "someone" are examples of pronouns.