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promise a statement that something absolutely will happen or be done. [5 definitions]
promising seeming likely to succeed or turn out well in the future.
promontory a high cliff that sticks out into a large body of water or that rises above an area of lower land.
promote to support the growth of or help move forward. [3 definitions]
promotion a raise to a higher grade or position. [3 definitions]
prompt done immediately and without pause. [4 definitions]
prone having the habit of; being likely to. [3 definitions]
prong a thin, sharply pointed part of a tool. [3 definitions]
pronoun a word that can take the place of a noun or noun phrase. In the sentence, "He gave it to someone," "he," "it," and "someone" are examples of pronouns.
pronounce to make the sound of or express with the voice in a specific way. [2 definitions]
pronunciation the act or manner of saying the sounds of words. [2 definitions]
-proof a suffix that means "able to resist" or "able to protect against."
proof any material that proves something is true or real. [7 definitions]
proofread to examine for mistakes and make corrections.
prop1 to support so as to hold in place. [3 definitions]
prop2 a piece of furniture or other movable article used in the presentation of a play; stage property.
propaganda information or opinions that are made public to promote or attack a movement, cause, or person.
propel to cause to move forward; thrust, push, or drive.
propeller a device used to make an airplane or ship move forward. A propeller is made of tilted blades that are attached to and spin around a hub.
proper correct for a certain purpose. [3 definitions]
properly in the appropriate way. [3 definitions]