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protect to defend or keep safe; shield from danger or harm.
protection the act of keeping something safe from harm or the condition of being protected. [2 definitions]
protective protecting or made to protect.
protein a substance that is made up of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and possibly other elements. Proteins are found in all living things and are a necessary part of life processes.
protest an expression of being against something; objection; complaint. [4 definitions]
Protestant a Christian who belongs to a church other than the Catholic Church or an Eastern Orthodox church.
proton a tiny particle in the nucleus of an atom. A proton has a positive electrical charge.
protoplasm a substance that is like a jelly and is a necessary part of plant and animal cells.
protozoan a tiny living thing that is similar to an animal but has only one cell or lives as a colony of single cells. Protozoans include amoebas and paramecia.
protrude to push or stick out.
proud feeling pleased, satisfied, and worthy because of something one owns or has done. [3 definitions]
proudly with a feeling or display of pride.
prove to show to be true or correct. [3 definitions]
proven a past participle of "prove."
proverb a short, often-used saying that expresses something wise or true.
provide to give what is needed; supply. [4 definitions]
provided on the condition that; only if.
Providence the capital of Rhode Island.
province one of the divisions of some countries, each with its own government. [3 definitions]
provincial of or having to do with a province.
provision the act of giving something needed; providing. [4 definitions]