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provoke to make angry, annoyed, or emotional; bring to action. [3 definitions]
prow the front, pointed part of a ship or boat; bow.
prowl to move around slowly and secretly, like an animal looking for prey. [3 definitions]
prudence good judgment and caution; sensibleness.
prudent showing good judgment and caution; sensible.
prune1 a plum that has been dried.
prune2 to cut off or remove branches, twigs, or other parts from; trim.
pry1 to be too curious about another person's private life. [2 definitions]
pry2 to move, lift, or open with something that acts as a lever. [2 definitions]
P.S. written to introduce a note added to a letter that is below the writer's signature. "P.S." is an abbreviation of "postscript."
psalm a sacred or holy song or poem; hymn.
psychiatrist a medical doctor who treats people with mental and emotional illnesses.
psychiatry the branch of medicine that deals with mental and emotional illness.
psychological of or having to do with psychology. [2 definitions]
psychologist a person who is trained in and works in psychology.
psychology the study or science of the mind and of the ways that people feel and act.
pt. abbreviation of "point." [2 definitions]
pterodactyl a flying reptile that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Pterodactyls had wings covered with skin. Some were huge and glided over the oceans and caught fish. They became extinct over sixty-five million years ago.
Pu symbol of the chemical element plutonium.
pub a bar or tavern that serves food.
public of, for, or having to do with all members of a community; not private. [4 definitions]