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pudding a soft, creamy, cooked dessert that is made with milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and flavoring. [3 definitions]
puddle a small, shallow pool of water. [2 definitions]
pudgy fat and short.
pueblo a house made of adobe or stone built by Native Americans in the southwest United States. Pueblos are shared by the community and are usually several stories high. [2 definitions]
Puerto Rico an island in the Caribbean Sea associated with the United States. Puerto Rico is in the West Indies. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.
puff a short, strong burst of breath, air, smoke, or steam. [8 definitions]
puffin a northern sea bird with black and white feathers and a large, flat, colorful bill.
pull to take hold of (something) and use force to bring it nearer to oneself. [8 definitions]
pulley a simple machine that makes lifting something easier. A pulley has a wheel or set of wheels with grooves that a rope or chain can be pulled over.
pull one's weight to do one's share of work.
pullover a sweater or shirt that is put on and taken off by being pulled over the head.
pull the wool over someone's eyes (informal) to trick or fool someone.
pull through to continue to live in spite of a particular danger or difficulty.
pulp the soft, juicy part of a fruit. [3 definitions]
pulpit the raised platform in a house of worship where a member of the clergy stands to speak to the gathered people.
pulse1 the regular beating of the arteries that is caused by the beating of the heart. The pulse can be felt in the wrist or neck. [3 definitions]
puma a large wild cat with tan or gray fur and no spots. Pumas live in many parts of North and South America. Pumas are carnivorous mammals. They are also called cougars, mountain lions, or panthers.
pump1 a machine for moving a liquid or gas from one place to another. [6 definitions]
pumpkin a large, round, orange fruit that has a thick inside pulp that can be eaten. Pumpkins grow on vines.
pun a humorous play on words based on two words that are close in sound but different in meaning. [2 definitions]
punch1 a hard, quick blow with the fist. [4 definitions]