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punctual on time; prompt.
punctuate to place punctuation marks in.
punctuation the use of question marks, commas, periods, and other marks in writing to help make the meaning clear. [2 definitions]
punctuation mark any of a group of marks that are used to help make the meaning of written material clear. Commas, question marks, and periods are examples of punctuation marks.
puncture a small hole caused by a sharp object. [2 definitions]
pungent sharp and strong in taste or smell.
punish to cause to suffer for doing something wrong. [2 definitions]
punishment a penalty for doing something wrong. [2 definitions]
Punjab a region of Asia that is located partly in Pakistan and partly in northwestern India (usu. preceded by "the").
Punjabi a major language of the world originating in the Punjab, a region of Asia that is partly in Pakistan and partly in northern India. Punjabi is the main language spoken in Pakistan and one of the major languages spoken in India. [2 definitions]
puny very small or weak; feeble.
pup a young dog; puppy. [2 definitions]
pupa an insect in a middle stage of its development, after it is a larva. Pupas do not eat or move; they are changing into their adult form. Many kinds of insects, including butterflies, spend their time as a pupa inside a cocoon.
pupil1 a person who is taught by a teacher.
pupil2 the small, dark opening in the center of the eye. Light passes through the pupil into the eye.
puppet a doll that looks like a person or an animal. Some puppets move by being placed over a hand, and others move by strings held from above.
puppy a young dog, usually less than one year old
purchase to get by paying money for; buy. [3 definitions]
pure not mixed with anything else; made of only one substance. [4 definitions]
purebred having ancestors that are all the same breed of animal. [2 definitions]
purification the process of removing dirt, bacteria, or other unwanted elements; make pure. [2 definitions]