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quartet four musicians or singers who perform together as a group. [3 definitions]
quartz a common, hard mineral that is usually found as glasslike crystals.
quasar a heavenly object that is similar to a star. Quasars are far away from the earth and send out powerful radio waves.
quay a pier, wharf, or other landing place for loading and unloading boats or ships.
queasy feeling sick to one's stomach. [2 definitions]
Quebec a province in eastern Canada on the U.S. border between New Brunswick and Ontario. Its capital is Quebec City.
queen a female ruler of a country who is not elected but whose mother, father, or relative was the ruler before her. [4 definitions]
queer strange, unusual, or not expected; odd; peculiar.
quench to satisfy. [2 definitions]
query a question. [3 definitions]
quest a search or pursuit. [2 definitions]
question a sentence that asks for a reply. [5 definitions]
question mark a punctuation mark (?). It is used at the end of a sentence that asks a question.
questionnaire a list of questions used for gathering useful information from people.
quetzal a large bird of Central and South America that has bright red and green feathers.
queue a line, usually of people, waiting for something. People often get into a queue to buy something or to enter something like a theater or a bus.
quick done very soon or without delay. [5 definitions]
quickly in a short time; rapidly.
quicksand a deep, wet, mixture of sand and water. Quicksand pulls down and swallows up a person or thing that stands on it.
quiet making no sound or noise. [8 definitions]
quietly with little or no sound.