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queer strange, unusual, or not expected; odd; peculiar.
quench to satisfy. [2 definitions]
query a question. [3 definitions]
quest a search or pursuit. [2 definitions]
question a sentence that asks for a reply. [5 definitions]
question mark a punctuation mark (?). It is used at the end of a sentence that asks a question.
questionnaire a list of questions used for gathering useful information from people.
quetzal a large bird of Central and South America that has bright red and green feathers.
queue a line, usually of people, waiting for something. People often get into a queue to buy something or to enter something like a theater or a bus.
quick done very soon or without delay. [5 definitions]
quickly in a short time; rapidly.
quicksand a deep, wet, mixture of sand and water. Quicksand pulls down and swallows up a person or thing that stands on it.
quiet making no sound or noise. [8 definitions]
quietly with little or no sound.
quill a large, stiff feather. [3 definitions]
quilt a bed covering made of two layers of material that are filled with feathers, wool, cotton, or other soft materials. The layers are stitched together so that the stitches make patterns on the cloth. [3 definitions]
quintuplet one of five children or animals born to a mother at a single birth.
quit to stop; give up; refuse to take further part in. [3 definitions]
quite to the greatest degree; completely; entirely. [3 definitions]
quite a few a rather large number of people or things.
quiver1 to shake with very small, quick movements. [2 definitions]