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radium a silver-white, radioactive metal that is one of the chemical elements. Radium glows in the dark. It is used to treat cancer. (symbol: Ra)
radius a straight line from the center to the edge of a circle or sphere. [2 definitions]
radon a radioactive gas that is one of the chemical elements. It is found in small amounts in some soils and rocks. (symbol: Rn)
raffle a game in which the person who has bought the ticket that is drawn wins a prize. [2 definitions]
raft1 a flat platform made of materials that can float, such as wood or barrels filled with air. Rafts are often used to carry people or goods. [3 definitions]
rag1 a scrap or small piece of cloth. [2 definitions]
rag2 (informal) to tease or scold.
rage extreme anger; fury. [3 definitions]
ragged worn down into rags; torn. [4 definitions]
ragtime a form of music developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in America. Ragtime was a popular kind of music with a bouncy rhythm, usually written for the piano.
ragweed a weed that produces a large amount of pollen in the fall. Many people are allergic to ragweed.
raid a sudden, surprise attack. [3 definitions]
rail1 a bar of wood or metal that runs between two posts and serves as a fence or barrier. [3 definitions]
railing a barrier or fence made of posts and rails. [2 definitions]
railroad a road of steel rails upon which train cars travel. [2 definitions]
railway a railroad. [2 definitions]
rain drops of water that form in the clouds and fall from the sky to the earth. [5 definitions]
rainbow a curved arc of light of many colors across the sky. Rainbows are caused by the sun's shining through drops of water during or after a rain.
rain cats and dogs to rain very hard.
raincoat a coat that repels water to keep a person dry when it is raining.
raindrop a drop of rain.