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rather in a more willing way; sooner. [3 definitions]
ratify to approve in an official way; confirm.
rating1 an evaluation of worth or rank.
ratio a relation or comparison between numbers or things based on amount or degree. [2 definitions]
ration a fixed share or portion. [5 definitions]
rational based on sound reasoning; sensible. [3 definitions]
rattle to make a series of hard, short knocking sounds. [6 definitions]
rattle off to list or recite quickly from memory.
rattlesnake a venomous snake found in North, Central, and South America. A rattlesnake has a structure at the end of its tail that makes a rattling sound when the snake shakes it.
rave to talk with much enthusiasm; praise. [2 definitions]
ravel to separate into loose threads; unravel.
raven1 a large, shiny, black bird that looks like a crow. It makes a sound like a loud, sharp croak. [2 definitions]
ravenous very hungry; starved.
ravine a deep, narrow valley. Ravines are usually created by flowing water.
ravioli (used with a singular or plural verb) small packets of pasta filled with ground meat, cheese, or other similar mixtures.
raw not cooked or changed by any process. [4 definitions]
rawhide cattle skin or hide that has not been tanned. [2 definitions]
ray1 a thin beam of light or some other radiation. [3 definitions]
ray2 a fish with a flat body and a skeleton made of cartilage. Rays have broad fins and long, narrow tails.
rayon a thread made from cellulose. [2 definitions]
razor a tool with a very sharp blade that is used for shaving hair from the body or face.