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rebate a part of a payment that is returned. [2 definitions]
rebel one who fights against or does not obey authority. [5 definitions]
rebellion an armed fight against one's government; uprising. [2 definitions]
rebuild to build again; repair.
recall to bring a past event into the mind; remember. [4 definitions]
recapture to take, catch, or capture again. [3 definitions]
recede1 to move back to the same low level or point as before. [2 definitions]
receipt the act or fact of receiving. [3 definitions]
receive to get or take. [5 definitions]
receiver a person who receives. [3 definitions]
recent having to do with or happening in the very near past. [2 definitions]
recently in the near past.
receptacle a container for receiving and keeping something.
reception the act or process of receiving. [6 definitions]
receptionist an office worker employed primarily to greet visitors, take telephone calls, and answer routine questions.
recess a relaxing break from an activity, such as school classes or trials in court. [4 definitions]
recipe a list of ingredients and instructions for making a food dish.
recital a concert of music or dance that is meant to demonstrate the ability of the performers. [2 definitions]
recite to speak the words of from memory and in front of others. [2 definitions]
reckless paying no attention to danger; not at all careful.
reckon to count or estimate; figure. [2 definitions]