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reef1 a ridge of rock, sand, or coral at or near the surface of ocean waters.
reel1 a spool or other device on which fishing line, cord, tape, film, or other material can be wound. [4 definitions]
reel2 to sway, stagger, or lose one's balance. [2 definitions]
reel3 a lively Scottish folk dance, or the music that it is danced to.
reelect to be chosen again by means of voting; to elect again.
reel off say quickly and easily.
reentry an act of entering again. [2 definitions]
ref (informal) a referee.
refer to send or direct to a source for help. [3 definitions]
referee a sports official who makes sure that players follow the rules of the game. [2 definitions]
reference the act or fact of mentioning. [3 definitions]
reference book a book that is a source of information. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are reference books.
refill to fill again. [2 definitions]
refine to make pure or fine.
reflect to throw back (light, heat, sound, or the like) from a surface. [5 definitions]
reflection the act of reflecting or state of being reflected. [3 definitions]
reflector a surface that throws back heat, light, or sound.
reflex having to do with a response or reaction that is automatic and not controlled by conscious thought. [3 definitions]
reforest to plant new trees in.
reform the changing of wrong or bad conditions to make them better. [3 definitions]
refrain2 a phrase or melody that is repeated regularly during a song or poem.