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reflect to throw back (light, heat, sound, or the like) from a surface. [5 definitions]
reflection the act of reflecting or state of being reflected. [3 definitions]
reflector a surface that throws back heat, light, or sound.
reflex having to do with a response or reaction that is automatic and not controlled by conscious thought. [3 definitions]
reforest to plant new trees in.
reform the changing of wrong or bad conditions to make them better. [3 definitions]
refrain2 a phrase or melody that is repeated regularly during a song or poem.
refresh to bring back the energy or spirits of. [2 definitions]
refreshment (often plural) something that refreshes, such as food and drink. [2 definitions]
refrigerate to make cold or cool.
refrigerator a room, box, or appliance where food is kept cold to prevent spoiling.
refuge a place that protects from danger or difficulty. [2 definitions]
refugee a person forced to leave his or her home or country to seek safety or protection.
refund1 to return or pay back. [2 definitions]
refusal the act or an instance of not doing what is requested or saying no to something.
refuse1 to not accept or agree to; turn down. [3 definitions]
refuse2 something without any worth; garbage; trash.
regain to get back; recover. [2 definitions]
regard to think of with a particular feeling or in a certain way; consider. [5 definitions]
regarding having to do with; about; concerning.
regardless without concern or thought. [2 definitions]