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rekindle to start the burning of (something) again. [2 definitions]
relapse to return to bad behavior or poor health after a period of improvement. [2 definitions]
relate to tell the story of. [4 definitions]
related having some connection. [2 definitions]
relation (plural) the relationship or interaction between people, groups, or nations. [3 definitions]
relationship the condition or fact of being related or connected. [2 definitions]
relative a person who belongs to the same family as someone else. [2 definitions]
relatively in comparison to something else.
relax to make looser or less stiff. [4 definitions]
relaxation recreation or rest that refreshes the body and mind.
relaxed free of physical or emotional stress; not worried or anxious. [2 definitions]
relay a team in which people take turns doing a task or running part of a race. [3 definitions]
relay race a race between two or more teams in which each runner completes part of the race and then is replaced or relieved by another team member.
release to set free. [4 definitions]
relent to become less harsh or less strict.
relevant related to what is being discussed or is presently important.
reliability the quality of being dependable.
reliable capable of being trusted or relied on; dependable.
relic something that has survived from the past, such as an object or a custom.
relief1 the feeling of being freed from pain, distress, or worry. [4 definitions]
relief2 raised pictures or designs on a surface.