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Republic of the Congo a country in Central Africa, north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and south of Gabon. The capital of the Republic of the Congo is Brazzaville.
reputation the level of respect with which a person is thought of by others. [2 definitions]
request the act of asking for something. [3 definitions]
require to need. [3 definitions]
required having to be done; demanded; not optional.
requirement something that is needed or necessary. [2 definitions]
reread to read (something) again.
rerun to run again or show once more. [3 definitions]
rescue to free or save. [2 definitions]
research careful study of something in order to find out information about it. [2 definitions]
researcher one who does careful, dedicated study of something in order to gain information about it or solve a problem.
resemblance the condition of being or looking alike.
resemble to be similar to or to look like.
resent to feel anger or bitterness about or toward, especially when something is seen to be unfair.
reservation something that keeps one from completely accepting or believing something; doubt. [3 definitions]
reserve to hold back or save for later use. [6 definitions]
reserved put aside or saved for a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
reservoir a place where water is collected and stored. Towns and cities often have reservoirs for their water supply. [2 definitions]
reset to start or set up (something) so that it is working again or so that it is working in a changed way.
reside to live in a place for a long time; dwell.
residence a house or any other place where one lives; home. [2 definitions]