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reservation something that keeps one from completely accepting or believing something; doubt. [3 definitions]
reserve to hold back or save for later use. [6 definitions]
reserved put aside or saved for a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
reservoir a place where water is collected and stored. Towns and cities often have reservoirs for their water supply. [2 definitions]
reset to start or set up (something) so that it is working again or so that it is working in a changed way.
reside to live in a place for a long time; dwell.
residence a house or any other place where one lives; home. [2 definitions]
resident a person who lives in a particular place. [2 definitions]
residential having to do with residences. [2 definitions]
resign to give up a job or other duty. [2 definitions]
resignation the act of giving up a job or other position, or a formal letter announcing this. [2 definitions]
resin a sticky substance produced by fir trees and certain other plants. Resin is used to make plastics, medicines, paints, and other products. [2 definitions]
resist to fight against or oppose. [3 definitions]
resistance the act or process of resisting. [3 definitions]
resolution strong purpose or determination. [4 definitions]
resolve to decide firmly and sincerely to do something or that something shall be done. [3 definitions]
resonance the quality of having a full, rich, long-lasting sound, or having an echoing sound.
resonant echoing. [3 definitions]
resort to go to or turn to for help, often as a last choice when everything else has been tried. [3 definitions]
resound to be full of sound. [2 definitions]
resource a source of help or support. [4 definitions]