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resident a person who lives in a particular place. [2 definitions]
residential having to do with residences. [2 definitions]
resign to give up a job or other duty. [2 definitions]
resignation the act of giving up a job or other position, or a formal letter announcing this. [2 definitions]
resin a sticky substance produced by fir trees and certain other plants. Resin is used to make plastics, medicines, paints, and other products. [2 definitions]
resist to fight against or oppose. [3 definitions]
resistance the act or process of resisting. [3 definitions]
resolution strong purpose or determination. [4 definitions]
resolve to decide firmly and sincerely to do something or that something shall be done. [3 definitions]
resonance the quality of having a full, rich, long-lasting sound, or having an echoing sound.
resonant echoing. [3 definitions]
resort to go to or turn to for help, often as a last choice when everything else has been tried. [3 definitions]
resound to be full of sound. [2 definitions]
resource a source of help or support. [4 definitions]
respect the state or condition of being thought of with honor or admiration; such admiration itself. [6 definitions]
respectable displaying good breeding, manners, or character. [4 definitions]
respectful having or showing respect; being polite.
respective of or belonging to each one.
respectively in the order that two or more people or things have been named.
respiration the act of breathing.
respiratory having to do with or used in the act of breathing.