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respond to answer or give a reply, in words or otherwise. [2 definitions]
respondent a person who gives a response or reply.
response a written or spoken answer; reply. [2 definitions]
responsibility the condition or fact of being responsible. [2 definitions]
responsible expected to take care of particular duties and jobs. [3 definitions]
rest1 a state of relaxation or sleep that heals or refreshes the body. [12 definitions]
rest2 a piece or part that is left. [3 definitions]
restaurant a place where meals are prepared and served to customers.
restful giving rest. [2 definitions]
restless not able to relax, sit still, or stay quiet. [3 definitions]
rest on one's laurels to be content with what one has done in the past and not interested in trying to achieve more.
restore to bring back into use or existence. [3 definitions]
restrain to hold back or control. [2 definitions]
restrict to keep within limits.
restricted limited or confined within a certain sphere. [2 definitions]
restriction something that limits or restricts. [2 definitions]
restroom a public bathroom.
result to happen because of something. [3 definitions]
resume to start again after stopping. [2 definitions]
retail the sale of things in small amounts to customers who will use them. [2 definitions]
retain to hold or keep. [3 definitions]