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retreat the act of moving back or away from a place or situation. [5 definitions]
retrieve to bring or get back; recover. [2 definitions]
retriever one of several breeds of dog bred for their ability to retrieve wounded or killed game for hunters.
retrorocket a small rocket attached to a spacecraft and used to help the spacecraft slow down or change direction. Retrorockets fire in the direction opposite to the direction the main rocket is going in.
return to go back or come back. [10 definitions]
return address the address of the person who sends a letter.
reunion a meeting of friends, family, or other people who have been apart from each other for a long time.
reuse to use again or use more than once.
reveal to make known; tell. [2 definitions]
revelation the act of revealing. [3 definitions]
revenge to get even for or pay back by causing injury or harm. [4 definitions]
revenue money gained from selling property or investing money. [2 definitions]
revere1 to respect or admire greatly.
reverence a feeling of great respect mixed with love.
reverse opposite in direction, position, or movement; backward. [9 definitions]
review an article in a newspaper or magazine that judges the worth of a new book, film, play, restaurant, or the like. [7 definitions]
revise to change or make different. [2 definitions]
revitalize to bring new life to.
revival the act or process of renewing or reviving. [3 definitions]
revive to bring back into use or popularity. [3 definitions]
revoke to take back, cancel, or make no longer valid.