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riot a violent disturbance caused by a large number of people. [3 definitions]
R.I.P. an abbreviation for Latin words that mean "rest in peace." R.I.P is used when a person dies and is often written on a person's gravestone.
rip1 to cut open, off, or apart with force; tear. [3 definitions]
ripe fully grown and ready for harvest or eating.
ripen to become or cause to become ripe or ready.
rip into (informal) to attack with much energy.
rip off (slang) to rob or steal. [2 definitions]
ripple to move or flow in small waves. [4 definitions]
rise to stand after lying, kneeling, or sitting. [16 definitions]
risen the past participle of "rise."
risk a chance of getting hurt or losing something. [3 definitions]
risky involving a chance of getting hurt or losing something.
ritual a set form for going through the steps of a religious ceremony. [2 definitions]
rival a person whom one tries to be better than; competitor. [4 definitions]
river a large natural stream of water flowing in a particular course toward a lake, ocean, or other body of water. [2 definitions]
rivet a metal bolt that pins metal plates or other objects together. [3 definitions]
Rn symbol of the chemical element radon.
roach1 a short form of "cockroach."
road a long, narrow course, often with a smooth surface, for vehicles and people to travel on from one place to another. Roads go through towns and also through the countryside. [2 definitions]
road map a map used by drivers that shows the streets, highways, and mileage in and between towns of an area.
roadrunner a fast North American bird that moves about on the ground instead of flying. The roadrunner has a long tail, a crest, and streaked feathers.