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roadrunner a fast North American bird that moves about on the ground instead of flying. The roadrunner has a long tail, a crest, and streaked feathers.
roadside the side or edge of a road. [2 definitions]
roam to move or travel around without a plan; wander. [2 definitions]
roan having a dark coat thickly sprinkled with white. [2 definitions]
roar to make a long cry or shout that is both deep and loud. [4 definitions]
roast to cook or bake with dry heat in an oven or over an open fire. [6 definitions]
rob to steal from by using force or threats. [2 definitions]
robber a person who robs or steals by using force.
robbery the act of stealing money or property from a person or place; the act of robbing.
robe a long, loose gown worn at certain ceremonies. [3 definitions]
robin a large North American songbird related to the thrush, with an orange-red breast, dark brown head and back, and a bright yellow bill. [2 definitions]
robot a machine that can perform some of the same tasks as a human being.
robust strong, healthy, and full of energy. [2 definitions]
rock1 a solid mass made up of minerals. Rock forms much of the earth's outer layer, including cliffs and mountains. [3 definitions]
rock2 to move strongly back and forth or from side to side. [6 definitions]
rocker one of the curved pieces on the bottom of a chair that allows it to have a rocking motion. [3 definitions]
rocket1 a flying device, shaped like a tube, that is driven by hot gases released from engines in its rear. Rockets are used to launch fireworks, signals, weapons, and spacecraft. [3 definitions]
rocking chair a chair mounted on rockers or springs that allow it to rock back and forth.
rocking horse a toy horse built on springs or rockers that is large enough for a child to ride.
rock-'n'-roll a form of popular music with a strong beat; rock. [2 definitions]
rocky1 having many rocks; full of rocks.