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Rosh Hashanah a high holy day that celebrates the beginning of the New Year according to the Jewish calendar. Rosh Hashanah takes place on the first day or the first and second days of Tishri.
rosy having a deep pink color. [2 definitions]
rot to decompose or decay. [4 definitions]
rotary turning or able to turn on an axis. [2 definitions]
rotate to cause to turn around on an axis. [4 definitions]
rotor the part of a machine that turns or rotates. [2 definitions]
rotten in the state of being rotted; bad; spoiled. [2 definitions]
rotunda a round building, hall, or room, especially one with a dome.
rouble a spelling of "ruble" used in Canada and Britain. See "ruble" for more information.
rouge red or pink cosmetics used to color the cheeks or lips.
rough having an uneven surface; not smooth. [6 definitions]
rough it to live without the ordinary daily comforts.
roughly in a rough manner. [2 definitions]
round shaped like a ball or circle. [14 definitions]
roundabout not direct.
roundhouse a round building with a turntable inside where trains are repaired and stored.
round number a number given in terms of the nearest whole number, or given in the nearest tens, hundreds, or the like. The number 50 is a round number for 47.
round out to make complete or perfect.
round trip a trip to a given place and then back to the starting point.
roundup the act of driving cattle together for branding or shipping to market. [3 definitions]
round up to bring together; collect.