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rummage to make a thorough search by turning over and looking through the contents of. [2 definitions]
rumor a piece of information or a story passed from one person to another without any proof that it is true. [2 definitions]
rumour a spelling of rumor used in Canada and Britain. See rumor for more information.
rump the back section of an animal. [2 definitions]
run to make oneself go forward by moving the legs very quickly. [30 definitions]
run across to meet by chance.
runaway a person or animal that has run away or escaped. [2 definitions]
run-down in poor condition. [3 definitions]
run down to look over; review. [2 definitions]
rung1 past participle of ring2.
rung2 a bar that forms the step of a ladder, or the piece between the legs of a chair.
runner a person, animal, or thing that runs or races. [4 definitions]
runner-up the person or team that finishes in second place.
running the act of one that runs. [3 definitions]
running mate a candidate running for a less important office than the one for which the fellow candidate is running.
runny soft and liquid; flowing. [2 definitions]
run out of to use up the entire amount of.
run riot to move, act, or grow without control.
runt a dog, pig, or other animal that is the smallest of a litter.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land. [2 definitions]
rupture the act of breaking open or breaking off. [3 definitions]