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rung2 a bar that forms the step of a ladder, or the piece between the legs of a chair.
run low to become nearly used up. [2 definitions]
runner a person, animal, or thing that runs or races. [4 definitions]
runner-up the person or team that finishes in second place.
running the act of one that runs. [3 definitions]
running mate a candidate running for a less important office than the one for which the fellow candidate is running.
runny soft and liquid; flowing. [2 definitions]
run out to use up something completely even though it is still needed or desired (often followed by "of"). [2 definitions]
run riot to move, act, or grow without control.
runt a dog, pig, or other animal that is the smallest of a litter.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land. [2 definitions]
rupture the act of breaking open or breaking off. [3 definitions]
rural having to do with country life.
rush1 to act or go quickly; hurry. [6 definitions]
rush2 a grass that grows in wet places. Rushes have thin, hollow stems, small green or brown flowers, and are used to make baskets and other items.
russet a reddish brown color. [3 definitions]
Russia a country in eastern Europe and northern Asia. Russia is also called the Russian Federation. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Russia used to be the largest republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Russian of or having to do with Russia, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
rust an orange or reddish brown coating that forms on metal that has been exposed to air and water. [3 definitions]
rustic living or happening in the country. [2 definitions]
rustle to make soft, hissing sounds like things rubbing together. [4 definitions]