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Russia a country in eastern Europe and northern Asia. Russia is also called the Russian Federation. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Russia used to be the largest republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Russian of or having to do with Russia, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
rust an orange or reddish brown coating that forms on metal that has been exposed to air and water. [3 definitions]
rustic living or happening in the country. [2 definitions]
rustle to make soft, hissing sounds like things rubbing together. [4 definitions]
rustler a person who rustles or steals livestock.
rusty covered with rust; not working well. [2 definitions]
rut1 a hollow track worn into the ground. [3 definitions]
ruthless having no mercy or sympathy; cruel.
Rwanda a central African country between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania.
rye1 a grass grown for its grain. Rye seeds are used for cereal, flour, and other grain products. [2 definitions]
-s1 a suffix used to form the third person singular present tense of all regular and most irregular verbs.
-s2 a suffix used to form the regular plural of most nouns.
-'s2 a suffix used to form the possessive of most singular nouns, some plural nouns not ending in "s," and some pronouns.
-'s3 a suffix used as a shortened form of "is." [3 definitions]
S1 an abbreviation for south.
s the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
Sabbath Saturday, the day of rest and worship for Jews and some Christians. [2 definitions]
saber a heavy sword with one sharp edge. It is usually curved.
saber-toothed tiger a large wild cat with very long teeth curving from its upper jaw. Saber-toothed tigers were carnivores that hunted the young of mammoths and other large animals. The last kinds of saber-toothed tigers became extinct over ten thousand years ago. Modern tigers are not related to saber-toothed tigers.
sable a small mammal with very dark brown fur, a long body, and short legs. Sables live in Europe and Asia and are related to weasels. [4 definitions]