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salon a pleasant room in a large house or apartment used for entertaining guests. [2 definitions]
salsa a spicy sauce made with peppers, onions, and tomatoes. It is used in Latin American food dishes.
salt a white substance that is found in sea water and in the earth. Salt is used for preserving and seasoning foods. [5 definitions]
salt lick a natural deposit of salt that animals lick to obtain sodium.
saltshaker a small, closed container with holes in the top, used for adding salt to food.
saltwater full of salt water; living in salt water.
salty having the taste of salt.
salute to show respect by raising the right hand to the forehead. [3 definitions]
salvage the act of saving property from destruction. [2 definitions]
salve a substance used to heal wounds or make them feel better.
same being one identical thing or person and not a new or different thing or person. [3 definitions]
Samoa an island country in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The capital of Samoa is Apia.
sample a small part of something that shows what the whole is like. [3 definitions]
samurai a warrior in the service of a lord in medieval Japan.
sanction permission for an action; approval. [5 definitions]
sanctuary a holy or sacred place. [4 definitions]
sand tiny, loose grains of ground rock, found on beaches and in deserts. [3 definitions]
sandal an open shoe made from a sole fastened to the foot with straps.
sandbar a ridge of sand in a river or near a shore. It is formed by the action of waves or currents.
sandcastle a model of a castle made by molding wet sand at a beach.
sandpaper paper covered on one side with sand or some other rough material. It is used to smooth wood and other surfaces. [2 definitions]