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sauce a liquid dressing or topping served with food. [2 definitions]
saucepan a fairly deep cooking pan with a long handle.
saucer a small, shallow dish used for holding a cup.
Saudi Arabia a country in southwestern Asia. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia.
sausage a mixture of chopped meat and spices stuffed into a casing of animal intestine.
savage fierce; cruel. [3 definitions]
savanna a flat plain covered with grass that also has scattered trees. Savannas are found in Africa and other tropical regions.
save1 to rescue from harm or danger. [4 definitions]
save2 except; with the exception of.
saving a lower price or cost. [2 definitions]
savior someone who rescues or saves people from danger or destruction. [2 definitions]
saw1 a tool with a thin metal blade that has sharp teeth along the edge. Saws are used for cutting hard materials such as wood or metal. [2 definitions]
saw2 past tense of "see1."
sawdust the tiny bits that fall away when wood is sawed.
sawhorse a frame with four legs used to support wood that is being sawed.
sawmill a building in which logs are cut into lumber.
sawn a past participle of "saw1."
saxophone a wind instrument with a curved metal body and a mouthpiece with a single reed.
say to produce (words or sounds) with one's voice. [6 definitions]
saying a familiar statement that often contains advice or wisdom.
say uncle to give up; yield.