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scary causing fear; frightening.
scatter to cause to separate in all directions. [3 definitions]
scavenger an animal that finds and eats dead animals or rotting plants; a person who finds things that others no longer want.
scene the place where any event takes place. [4 definitions]
scenery the way the land looks in a particular place. [2 definitions]
scenic of, pertaining to, or showing natural, beautiful scenery.
scent a smell. [5 definitions]
scepter a rod carried by a king or queen as a symbol of royal power.
schedule a plan of when certain actions or events will be carried out. [4 definitions]
scheme a plan or plot. [5 definitions]
scholar a person who has much knowledge, usually acquired from research and study. [2 definitions]
scholarship money given to students to help pay for their education. [2 definitions]
school1 a place for teaching and learning. [3 definitions]
school2 a large group of the same kind of fish or sea animals.
schoolhouse a building used as a school.
schoolwork study or practice done at school or as homework.
schooner a sailing ship with at least two masts and having its front mast shorter than its other masts.
schwa a vowel sound that is spoken without any stress, such as the first "a" in "away." [2 definitions]
science a system of studying, testing, and experimenting on things in nature. Science is a search for general laws about how the world works. [2 definitions]
science fiction a kind of fiction writing that is often about people living in the far future or about life on other planets or in other galaxies. Science fiction often tells of future scientific inventions or of strange beings or creatures from outer space.
scientific having to do with science.